About Us

Kenewendo Advisory (KA) is a private economic and development advisory services company based in Botswana with experience in Sub-Saharan Africa and further afield. Founded by former Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry of Botswana, Ms. Bogolo Kenewendo, Kenewendo Advisory combines great wealth of experience and deep industry expertise to create lasting value for clients and foster positive economic change in a fast-changing world with cutting-edge technological developments. 

Kenewendo Advisory specializes in research, economic commentary and policy-related analysis in a variety of fields including trade policy & trade facilitation, regional integration, private sector development and economic development policies. Kenewendo Advisory partners have experience in advising policy makers, governments, development agencies, regional and international organisations, and the private sector in our core areas of work.



Not only is serving clients our forte but we make sure that while doing it, we deploy an evidence-based approach underpinned by best industry practices so that there is value for money for our clients

Bold Innovation

We combine our bold ambitions and initiative to invent a desired future for our clients complimented by inclusive policies that augment the change we want to attain.


Teamwork underpins the work we do because we know that alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. We treat clients as partners and collaborate with them in solving their needs to create lasting value.

Botho Leadership

With roots in Africa and a resolve to harness global perspectives and skills to solve challenges in the continent, at the heart of our work is the notion to serve and give back to the continent and its people. We are committed to taking ownership and being the change we desire in our continent, economy and communities.


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